About Me
As a young kid, growing up in NJ, Kyri was always surrounded by music. Coming from a Greek Family he was also listening to many different types of music, from Disco,Blues, Rock, House and Greek Music which was big in his home. Growing up he learned how to play many different types of instruments, some of which he took lessons and a few he just taught him self.

He started listening to the radio and always found him self trying to catch the mix shows that were being played on the radio by DJ's and wondered how did they make those mixes, how did two songs sounded like one? Listening to the all these mix shows that these DJ's were doing and how the music made him feel. He was hooked and wanted to do them also!

Learning how to DJ In the 90's where he was hired at a Dance Club (Tribecca in Fort Lee, NY) as a light man, bringing him closer to the DJ. He would listen and watch to what the DJ was doing & how the DJ was working the crowd. Taking the time to start "Paying His Dues" meaning taking the time to put in "Time" to learn the ART” of DJing and help out the DJ, carrying his Records, asking a question or two but more importantly just paying attention, learning all the different components and sections in a song and at the same time experiencing how the DJ made him feel when he was spinning, also making him a better light man.

DJ Kyri has worked with many people in the music industry and from many different sides of it also. He has worked closely with Producers, Song Writers, Remixers, Singer, Promoters some of which are internationally known. Simultaneously working as a Bartender and a "Sound Man" for a Blues Club, gaining more respect for music & how it sounds, also the way you can make it sound!

DJ Kyri has many different “Spin Styles” in many different Genres all with High Energy! A few of his influences are Dennis Ciallela, “The Saint” DJ Angel, Bobby Larocco and so many others.

All though he has a very big love for House Music, at any giving night he can cross in between musical Genres from Old School & Up Beat Hip-Hop, 80's, Rock, Top 40, Top 40 Remixes, Reggae, Reggaeton, Freestyle, House and a little bit of Dub Step. He has a wide range and many different styles of music, to Satisfy Almost Anyone at Any Given Night.

DJ Kyri has worked in and DJ’ed in Clubs, Lounges, Bars even in Retail Stores in NJ & NY.
To name a few; Palm Bar (Morristown, NJ), Liquid Ice in (Nanuet, NY), Pub 17 (Ramsey, NJ), The Horse & Jockey (Pearl River, NY), NV Lounge (Suffern, NY), Black Friday in a Juicy Catoure (Retail Store, Central Valley, NY), Grand Opening of an Ed-Hardy Store (Retail Store, Central Valley NY), Private Parties.

Let it be an event or a night of just Straight House, or a night of 80's and Rock or Top 40. DJ Kyri has the ability to give the people on the Dance Floor what they want! They're also those nights or events where he spins a little bit of everything for the crowd, an “Open Format” night!

DJ Kyri is always updating him self and continuously learning and learning many more different styles of music. Paying respects to Veteran DJ’s before him!

You Can Catch DJ Kyri Electrifying Dance Floors with his High Energy Style, at a Venue Near You! Dropping tracks That Make Your Feet & Body Move to the Beat!
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